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 FTP LIST ! :D download now !

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Data de inscriere : 22/04/2009

MesajSubiect: FTP LIST ! :D download now !   Sam Apr 25, 2009 11:39 pm

General (Multi Warez) FTP Sites:
— This one’s a hot pubstro, get in while you can - the password will soon change (again).
— Great FTP for everything, with 100’s of GBs! Check out the /music/ directory, there’s over 650 artists & bands listed alphabetically - each with subdirectories for albums. The /Soft/ directory contains a huge array of apps for 3D graphics, CAD/CAM and just about anything else. Browse around, it’s amazing!
— Good Russian FTP with a little of everything: including music (A to Z with subcategories for artists); movies (mostly Russian, lots of DVDRs - directories are "Films01" to "Films16"); eBooks & audiobooks.

—100+ movies, mostly recent DVDRips.
— Mostly Russian games and stuff.
— Not much, browse around.
— Mostly crap, check if you want.

Music FTP Sites:

Many of these sites are Radio Station FTPs, and other dumpsites.
— Just a staggering amount of music, be sure to also check out the /OUG/trashbox/Music/ directory, and /OUG/Phil Itunes Music/iPodMusicLiberator/Music/ - as well.

— Amazing FTP board for house, trance, techno, electonic music mp3s. Music is arranged into sub-cats by genre, each with VA Artists & Mixes." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
— Tons of music; mostly house, trance, etc." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
— Log/pass is mp3 for both. After logging in, a popup may ask you for another username etc. - just click cancel. Just an insane amount of music here.
— Not an FTP site, but worth including anyways. Nearly 900 different artists are listed, most of the music files are in *.ogg format.
— Nearly 300 different artists; all files are midi (*.mid) files.
— Very odd stuff here. Not good stuff, but odd.

Software - Apps & Games FTPs

— Another ’stro, has about 50 older game ISOs.
— Over 100,000 software titles, some of the stuff is interesting.
— Old FTP, nothing new since 2004. Carries old ebooks, mostly computer programming related.
— Mostly older games, but lots !

Nu merg toate ,insa merita incercate ...cheers
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FTP LIST ! :D download now !
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